XLight Premium & XTONE Applications

Urbatek presents, together with XLight Premium and XTONE large-format technical ceramics, innovative uses for countertops, the largest size manufactured thus far at Porcelanosa Group with the most advanced technical features and most avant-garde design for the kitchen and all home countertops.

A compact, inalterable, resistant material with superb physical and mechanical characteristics, XTONE can be used as countertops and cladding on furniture:

  • SURFACE HYGIENE / Food grade. It does not release volatile organic compounds
  • SURFACE HYGIENE / Food grade. It does not release volatile organic compounds(VOCs) or transmit germs or bacteria
  • SCRATCH RESISTANT / Providing that minimal care is taken, it will not be scratched by household utensils, although chopping boards should be used for everyday purposes
  • EASY TO CLEAN / No special care or products are needed for everyday care
  • CONTACT WITH HIGH TEMPERATURES  / Resistant to direct contact with very hot kitchen utensils
  • LOW WATER ABSORPTION / Repels everyday household stains and chemical substances. Will not absorb liquids or gases, hence preventing the build-up of odours
  • IMPACT RESISTANT / Absorbs the energy from impacts and big concentrated loads without cracking or breaking


As the boundaries in tile technology are pushed back, the architectural and design potential that ceramic tiles offer grows exponentially.
With XLight Premium and XTONE, Urbatek has managed to develop a porcelain tile material perfect for creating continuous surfaces. It can be cut to suit any shape or required dimensions, allowing for the creation of countertops of all kinds.


In addition to kitchen countertops, we have the option of creating our own bathroom countertops combined with any type of sink, turning our bathroom into a more practical space for the day-to-day without sacrificing aesthetics, one of the main priorities of architecture and interior design professionals.

If we also require resistant and durable materials for demanding spaces such as the bathroom, one of the best alternatives is Urbatek’s technical porcelain.